The C&C Shout Outs

Good afternoon (or whatever greeting is appropriate for your place in time)! While we here at Chaos y Confetti are always keeping an eye on the future, we also understand the importance of appreciating the past.  Before we fully entrench ourselves in 2023, we would like to take one final look back on 2022. WelcomeContinue reading “The C&C Shout Outs”

Musings on Theme Songs

Last week, Hulu debuted How I Met Your Father, the standalone sequel to How I Met Your Mother.  Not long into the episode, the show’s theme started.  A redone version of “Hey Beautiful,” from the original show, resonated with me in a funny way.  It reminded me of a show I loved (most of theContinue reading “Musings on Theme Songs”

TV Shows 2021 Review

One of our biggest complaints as adults is that there is never enough time for everything.  About that…. While tracking our hobbies over the last year, it’s amazing how much we actually squeezed into 2021.  To be fair, work-from-home, less outings due to a global pandemic, Summer vacation, and parental leave may have skewed ourContinue reading “TV Shows 2021 Review”