Give Them What They Want: A Musing

Chaos Here! I would like to take a moment to talk about gift-giving.  Now before you say, “Chaos, it’s not even Thanksgiving; can we hold off on gift talk?,” I should point out that gift-giving can happen any time of the year.  So, this discussion is completely seasonally and chronologically appropriate.   Also, I used toContinue reading “Give Them What They Want: A Musing”

Ain’t It Great to (Trade) Wait

Chaos here! A Little Background Starting before I can remember, I’ve always loved superheroes.  Superhero toys, cartoons, movies, and other merchandise surrounded me, and I loved it.  My parents dressed me as Spider-Man for my first Halloween costume, my cousins and I played with action figures all the time, and my mom always made sureContinue reading “Ain’t It Great to (Trade) Wait”

Nightmare Fuel: A Musing

Confetti is not shy about wanting to avoid scares or anything in her entertainment that might make her uncomfortable.  She doesn’t do horror if she can help it.  When something she wouldn’t like might happen in a movie or tv show, she is fine skipping right past it, checking the internet for spoilers, or evenContinue reading “Nightmare Fuel: A Musing”

The Rules of House Rules

All hail the RULES AS WRITTEN (RAW)… or not. Nobody likes a cheater and game rules are designed the way they are for a reason.  Despite what the Yu-Gi-Oh television show might have suggested at times, people doing what they want or pulling rules out of their butt isn’t cool, fun, or clever.  Shifting rulesContinue reading “The Rules of House Rules”

Chaos & Confetti: Video Gaming Together

Here at Chaos y Confetti, we spend a lot of time talking about all the board games and puzzle games we play.  However, while it’s been mentioned, we don’t spend much digital ink discussing our video gaming experiences.  Since we recently wrapped up Horizon Forbidden West, we thought now would be the perfect time toContinue reading “Chaos & Confetti: Video Gaming Together”

Packing Board Games for Vacation

It is easy to picture the stereotypical grandma telling you to never leave home without a sweater, or the classic tv mom reminding her kids to always wear clean underwear.  As we’ve journeyed through life, we have also come up with our own rules for travel.  Chaos believes he should always bring a book.  ConfettiContinue reading “Packing Board Games for Vacation”

Bonded with a Boardgamer

There are many elements that contribute to a solid and healthy relationship.  We here at Chaos and Confetti in no way claim to be relationship experts or love gurus.  However, we do have a little bit of experience under our belts.  We’ve been in a relationship for about six years and married for almost four. Continue reading “Bonded with a Boardgamer”

Puzzles of a Different Sort

Here at Chaos and Confetti, it’s no secret that we love solving puzzles.  Look though our blog archive and you’ll find dozens of puzzle reviews and experiences.  We’re not shy about how much joy we get from piecing together clues and putting together the evidence. However, we’d also like it to be known that weContinue reading “Puzzles of a Different Sort”

A History of Board Game Organization: Part I

Chaos here! Like many others, board games first entered my life in the form of the “classics:” Monopoly, The Game of Life, Chess, Checkers, Trouble, and similar fare.  Occasionally these games helped fuel family nights before going back to the bottom of my bedroom closet, where they sat stacked, patiently awaiting their next call toContinue reading “A History of Board Game Organization: Part I”