January 2021 Book Reviews

We’re excited to find 2022 chugging along nicely for our blog.  With January in the rearview mirror, we’d like to take this opportunity to share what we’ve read over the past month.  This is the start of a recurring feature.  The first Tuesday of every month we will share what we read the previous monthContinue reading “January 2021 Book Reviews”

New Year, New Goals… Who dis?

Happy New Year! It’s 2022 and that means when we refer to our blog being officially established in 2021, it carries a little more weight and legitimacy.  Chaos & Confetti since 2021!   Okay, it’s not much more prestige, but it’s a start.  Every journey starts with a single step and all that, right?  Speaking ofContinue reading “New Year, New Goals… Who dis?”