Review – Escape from the Two Base Stations by SCRAP

Review – Escape from the Two Base Stations by SCRAP Website Link – available through Amazon Price – ​​​​$37.13 for the English version (as of 9/25/2022) Disclaimer: we purchased the game with our own money, this review is not sponsored. All thoughts are our own. The Product: Escape from the Two Base Stations is anContinue reading “Review – Escape from the Two Base Stations by SCRAP”

Puzzles of a Different Sort

Here at Chaos and Confetti, it’s no secret that we love solving puzzles.  Look though our blog archive and you’ll find dozens of puzzle reviews and experiences.  We’re not shy about how much joy we get from piecing together clues and putting together the evidence. However, we’d also like it to be known that weContinue reading “Puzzles of a Different Sort”

The Puzzles of “The Batman”

Disclaimer: This post will contain spoilers for “The Batman” movie. The Batman starring Robert Pattinson is DC’s latest Batman movie on the big screen.  There are many opinions about which Batman actors have been worthy of the cape and cowl, and there will continue to be discussions over which movies are actually good.  This postContinue reading “The Puzzles of “The Batman””