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Chaotic Considerations: Size Matters

Chaos here! Confetti and I love getting together with our friends, and while we try to keep our time with friends fresh and interesting, not too surprisingly, general hangouts and board game nights are regular occurrences.  Shocker, I know.   Now, some of you may be able to relate, but as we get a tad older,…

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A Fan of the Fans

Chaos Here! A Week of Woe Leads to a Wrestling Pro Recently Confetti went on a work trip and I got left all by lonesome for a week.  Just little ol’ me (and our one year-old and the dogs and the house ghost and the cat and the rest of my life that isn’t specifically…

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February Books 2023

Chaos here! February is the month of love and passion (according to some people).  I, personally,  love reading, so I of course made some time to get through a few more books and comics.  Now, I would love and adore sharing my most recent readings with you.  I am hoping you just might find a…

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Hi, we’re Chaos & Confetti. Both of us work in education for our day jobs. In our free time, we love to play board games, video games, and puzzle games; we also love escape rooms. Our son is too young to have a preference yet, but we’re sure he will soon!

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