Don’t Play Games with My Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We here at Chaos and Confetti are firm believers that any holiday is the perfect holiday for board games.  They’re great ways to bring people together for some intentional quality time (you know, there really should be a board game holiday.”

However, we know not everybody is down for a constant stream of games.  Fear not!  We’re here to help you deliver the perfect pick-up lines to turn any night into a time for board game bonding.  Just think of us as your ultimate Wing(span)man.  

All you have to do is pick a game from our list below and then deliver the provided opening line to your play-partner of choice while also showing them the appropriate game box.  Then, just let the magic and romance happen*


“Want to catch some feelings?”


“There is no cure for how I feel about you.”

Love Letter:

I’m tired of Guard-ing my heart, so I am Baron my soul to you.  I’ll be your Prince/Princess, if you’ll be my Prince/Princess.  That’s right; I’m asKing for you to accept my tokens of affection.”

As you drop the different character names, hold up the appropriate card to really drive the puns home.  Then, sprinkle the tokens of affection (red cubes) on your romantic partner to send their heart racing.

Disney Villainous:

“Let’s be a bit naughty tonight.”

Or, if they’re a big enough Disney fan: “I am Captain Hooked on you and got Lotso love that needs expressing. My passion burns like the fires of Hades.  I offer you my Queen of Hearts because I see this relationship going Jafar.  Let’s get a little naughty, and then maybe we can play Dr. Faciller.”

…and Then They Held Hands:

Just throw on the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and then give your most seductive smile

Fog of Love/D&D:

“Hey babe, you want to spice things up a bit?  Maybe try a little role playing?”

Smash Up:

“Wanna smash?”

Be careful.  This may just get you playing Super Smash Bros, which is a different kind of win.

Marvel United:

Sing to the tune of “Reunited” by Peaches and Herb – “Marvel United and it feels so good.  Marvel United to get under my hood.”


“You send my heart soaring?  I’m all a twitter”


“Camels aren’t the only things that hump.’


“Are you looking for trouble?  Well, I have a dungeon I’d like you to explore.”


“Are you looking for trouble?  Well, your night is about to level up.”


I’d love to inspect your jewels”

Quacks of Quedlinburg: 

“I’ve always thought that we’ve had great chemistry together, but now I think it might be alchemy.”

Kill Dr. Lucky:

Shall we see if the Dr. is the only one getting lucky this evening?”

Any legacy or campaign game;

“I think it’s time we commit to something long term.”


“We might need to cuddle for warmth, because it’s getting a little Frosty tonight.”


“You give me butterflies.”

The Crew: The Search for Planet Nine:

“Sweetie, you’re out of this world.”

Dog Park/Agility/any dog-themed game:

“Do you like it RUFF?”


“Want to get better acquainted with the tip of my tongue?”

Any puzzle/escape game –

“There’s no escaping my love, but maybe we can get out of this predicament together?”

Spirit Island:

“You’ve invaded my heart and I have no defenses.”


Where have you bean all my life?”


“How would you like to go undercover with me?”

Book It/Luchador/any wresting-themed game:

“I have a few holds I’d like to show you.”


“I want to pin your shoulders to the mat.”


“It’s super disrespectful for a luchador to take off their mask.  I guess I’ll need you to take something else off instead.”


“I sense things are heating up between us.”

Bananagrams/Scrabble/any word games:

“You put a SPELL on me.”

Any solo game:

“Well… I was probably going to play with myself anyways.”

General lines that may work for any game:

“How do you feel about cardboard and kisses”

“Play a game with me now, and maybe later I’ll get table-topless for you”

The Wrap Up:

You’re obviously not reading this if you’ve already attempted any of the opening lines above.  Once you have your partner lusting for board games, you just have to let those dice and feelings roll.  

No matter what your plans are for tonight, we hope you get to share your love for gaming with someone special.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

*There is no guarantee that any of these openers will work at either getting a game night to happen or at producing romantic feelings, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?  Also, remember to take any rejection gracefully and respectfully.  Cardboard and consent are the true perfect match.

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