Bonded with a Boardgamer

There are many elements that contribute to a solid and healthy relationship.  We here at Chaos and Confetti in no way claim to be relationship experts or love gurus.  However, we do have a little bit of experience under our belts.  We’ve been in a relationship for about six years and married for almost four. Continue reading “Bonded with a Boardgamer”

Puzzles of a Different Sort

Here at Chaos and Confetti, it’s no secret that we love solving puzzles.  Look though our blog archive and you’ll find dozens of puzzle reviews and experiences.  We’re not shy about how much joy we get from piecing together clues and putting together the evidence. However, we’d also like it to be known that weContinue reading “Puzzles of a Different Sort”

A History of Board Game Organization: Part I

Chaos here! Like many others, board games first entered my life in the form of the “classics:” Monopoly, The Game of Life, Chess, Checkers, Trouble, and similar fare.  Occasionally these games helped fuel family nights before going back to the bottom of my bedroom closet, where they sat stacked, patiently awaiting their next call toContinue reading “A History of Board Game Organization: Part I”

Planning for the future… Kickstarters & other similar companies!

Sometimes we’re not too kind to our future selves.  When we get lazy or just don’t want to deal with something now, we’ll say, “eh, that’s future Chaos and Confetti’s problem.”  Those poor souls, with all we put them through.  What’s worse is when we become those poor souls.  Stupid forward momenteum of time! ToContinue reading “Planning for the future… Kickstarters & other similar companies!”

The Puzzles of “The Batman”

Disclaimer: This post will contain spoilers for “The Batman” movie. The Batman starring Robert Pattinson is DC’s latest Batman movie on the big screen.  There are many opinions about which Batman actors have been worthy of the cape and cowl, and there will continue to be discussions over which movies are actually good.  This postContinue reading “The Puzzles of “The Batman””

Musings on Board Games and Dating

When we first started dating, we quickly connected on our mutual love of board games.  Since then, we’ve continued to enjoy our common hobby.  Love and board games go hand in hand to us. With another Valentine’s Day in the books, we couldn’t help but think how different types of games aligned with different stagesContinue reading “Musings on Board Games and Dating”