Chaotic Considerations: Size Matters

Chaos here! Confetti and I love getting together with our friends, and while we try to keep our time with friends fresh and interesting, not too surprisingly, general hangouts and board game nights are regular occurrences.  Shocker, I know.   Now, some of you may be able to relate, but as we get a tad older,Continue reading “Chaotic Considerations: Size Matters”

Don’t Play Games with My Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! We here at Chaos and Confetti are firm believers that any holiday is the perfect holiday for board games.  They’re great ways to bring people together for some intentional quality time (you know, there really should be a board game holiday.” However, we know not everybody is down for a constant streamContinue reading “Don’t Play Games with My Heart”

Chaotic Considerations: Master Tracker or Great Distractor

Chaos here with the 177th blog post of Chaos and Confetti! This past weekend, the WWE put on their 1st PPV/PLE of the year, the 36th annual Royal Rumble.  Cody Rhodes won the men’s Rumble from spot number 30, and Rhea Ripley won the women’s from the number 1 spot.  Both competitors will main eventContinue reading “Chaotic Considerations: Master Tracker or Great Distractor”

Chaotic Considerations: Out of Print

WHEN THE HEART WANTS, BUT THE WORLD SAYS NO… Chaos here! Many years ago, a friend of a friend showed up with Love Letters, a simple card game.  After losing twenty-one rounds in a row, I was the one who found myself enamored.  I immediately purchased myself a copy and continued spreading the love (andContinue reading “Chaotic Considerations: Out of Print”

Visit to the Island of “Misfit” Games

Chaos here! A LIttle Background: The Shelf of Shame: The board games that you own but have never played (or have only played once) Most of us have games that we purchased with the best of intentions but have never really touched.  Some of us have games that were gifted to us and now alsoContinue reading “Visit to the Island of “Misfit” Games”

Give Them What They Want: A Musing

Chaos Here! I would like to take a moment to talk about gift-giving.  Now before you say, “Chaos, it’s not even Thanksgiving; can we hold off on gift talk?,” I should point out that gift-giving can happen any time of the year.  So, this discussion is completely seasonally and chronologically appropriate.   Also, I used toContinue reading “Give Them What They Want: A Musing”

Ain’t It Great to (Trade) Wait

Chaos here! A Little Background Starting before I can remember, I’ve always loved superheroes.  Superhero toys, cartoons, movies, and other merchandise surrounded me, and I loved it.  My parents dressed me as Spider-Man for my first Halloween costume, my cousins and I played with action figures all the time, and my mom always made sureContinue reading “Ain’t It Great to (Trade) Wait”

Nightmare Fuel: A Musing

Confetti is not shy about wanting to avoid scares or anything in her entertainment that might make her uncomfortable.  She doesn’t do horror if she can help it.  When something she wouldn’t like might happen in a movie or tv show, she is fine skipping right past it, checking the internet for spoilers, or evenContinue reading “Nightmare Fuel: A Musing”