The internet is full of great places to kill some time, so we’re honestly surprised you ended up here. However, since we have your attention, let us introduce ourselves and maybe you’ll decided to spend more time with us going forward.

Our stories begin sometime in the 80s and on opposite ends of the country. That may be too much to fill you in on though, so let’s jump forward a few decades. Our together-story begins the same way as most nerdy millennials – on an online dating site. We didn’t talk much about our first date, because it was a stereotypical first date over coffee (except neither of us drink coffee). We were both awkward and a little earnest – Confetti talked way too fast and Chaos feared if he didn’t get a word in, she would find him boring and never see him again. The quick coffee date lasted over four hours. They both went without dinner, nervous that suggesting a location change would end the date prematurely. Things must have turned out well enough because a second date materialized two days later.

Our second date? Epic. Chaos was late, helping a neighbor jump their car. This resulted in his car battery dying a few hours later, leading him to take Confetti’s car the wrong way down a narrow way one street to try to jump it, while she laughed hysterically watching. They unknowingly proceeded to a closed park, where when questioned by security if they knew the park was closed – Confetti confidently answered “Yeah. We know.” Her tone caused security to back down and walk away. Then some more stuff happened and suddenly more than a year passed without Chaos and Confetti not hanging out. Then came an engagement, a marriage, a house, and even a Face/Off Style identity switch. Okay, maybe one of those things didn’t happen. Most recently, everything led to a baby (who knew that K-I-S-S-I-N-G nursery rhyme would one day describe our lives?).

Along this journey, we’ve become passionate about several shared hobbies including board games, escape rooms, puzzles, travel, Disney/Marvel, video games, and TV shows. We also still have our individual interests. Chaos is into all things Marvel Comics, books, wrestling, and dabbles in miniature painting. Confetti loves baking, dog training, Neopets, and reddit.

We’re excited to have a space to share our hobbies with you! Thanks for joining us and hopefully coming back again and again. What else are you going to use your internet time for, looking up conspiracy theories and reading celebrity gossip? Actually, there is probably time for that and us. Thanks in advance for sticking with us!

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