New Year, New Goals… Who dis?

Happy New Year!

It’s 2022 and that means when we refer to our blog being officially established in 2021, it carries a little more weight and legitimacy. 

Chaos & Confetti since 2021!  

Okay, it’s not much more prestige, but it’s a start.  Every journey starts with a single step and all that, right?  Speaking of which, the setting of goals is often a smart place to start.  Our real-life jobs are always touting the importance of mission statements and S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based)

To ring in the new year, we want to share several of our goals with you, dear readers.  We don’t want to spoil all our plans for the coming-year, and honestly, we’re still figuring things out ourselves, but here’s what we have so far:

Blog Goal:

  • Over 100 blog posts this year:  To do this, we plan on maintaining a schedule of 2-3 posts a week.  Tuesdays and Thursdays will be our guaranteed post days.  We also hope to post on Sundays, but we’ll see how our schedules work out, especially once work and classes start back up.  Look forward to reading a lot of Chaos and Confetti this year!  

Board Game Goals:

Oliver is an excellent Wingspan player
  • 10×10 Challenge:  We’ll be tracking our board game plays using BG Stats again this year.  With 395 plays in 2021, we achieved an H-Index of 9 (9 games played at least 9 times).  In 2022, we hope to hit at least 10 games played 10 times.  Since this is our first year attempting a 10×10 challenge, we are not going to name the ten specific games now, giving ourselves some freedom to select games as they interest us throughout the year.  Maybe next year, we will call our shot and pick the games from the start.
  • Clash of Chaos and Confetti:  The purpose of a 10×10 challenge is to get us to play the same games more often and to know them more intimately.  This goal’s purpose is to get us to play more unique games from our collection.  This Thursday’s post will provide more details, but the basic gist is that each week we’ll choose a game to compete in a best of three series.  The game will change each week, helping us get through many different games in our collection.

Reading Goals:

This is only part of the “to-read” pile
  • 52 books read this year:  We are each setting the goal of reading at least 52 books during 2022.  Chaos has a streak of setting and meeting his goal according to Goodreads since 2017 (hasn’t been keeping exact counts his entire life).  Confetti has a streak of setting this goal and not meeting it for a few years now (have to dream big).  Averaging about a book a week should be doable.
  • Writing Reviews:  Often we share our opinions on books with one another and with our friends in our book club, but that’s where our thoughts stop.  Though we both use Goodreads, we usually only mark a star rating and move on to our next reading adventure.  This year, at least Chaos would like to find an outlet to share reviews on books.  If only he helped put together a blog or something.  Alas.  Check out our shared Goodreads account that we will start updating now that it is 2022.

Themed Cookbook Challenge

That Marvel Cookbook is super fancy – truffle butter anyone?
  • Try recreating 12 new recipes: Over the years, we’ve been gifted a few themed cookbooks such as Marvel Eat the Universe, Disney Princess Baking, and The Book Club CookBook.  It seems the time has come to put them to use.  Each month we’ll try our hands at a recipe and hope for the best.  We’ll share the results on this blog.  You’ll get to see our masterpieces, but only we get to taste them.  Fingers crossed that we don’t poison ourselves.

Chaos’ Realistic Personal Goals:

  • Don’t get fired (I’m never actually in danger of getting fired from my job, but it’s definitely an irrational fear I always have in the back of my mind).
  • Keep my baby alive (going about four months strong.  Every day is a new record!)
  • Maintain good grades in grad school (not giving them my money for nothing)

Confetti’s Realistic Personal Goals:

  • Create a playroom for Yeti (Our office is a cluttered mess and would probably be better used as a second habitat for our little monster).
  • Be more active (I work from home and it is really easy to be stationary for most of the day)
Here we are looking towards what is hopefully a bright 2022!

Chaos’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Personal Goals:

  • Finally write that novel (I have many starts and even one that has over 100 pages.  I can just never maintain the devotion to stick with one to the end)
  • Finish painting my board game minis (Working through Marvel United Minis hit a standstill once Yeti was born.  I only have about forty left… and another 100-plus showing up later this year).
  • Find the balance that lets me spend time with family and friends, fit in all my hobbies, and succeed at work (Dream big!)

Confetti’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Personal Goals:

  • Use all the cookie decorating supplies I bought last year to create beautiful royal icing decorated cookies (Hats off to people who excel in this hobby. I really really want to, but it takes so much practice and patience.  Also, if I achieve this goal, the extra activity will be needed).
  • Actually read those 52 books I said I would (do children’s books count?)
Belle says “Happy New Year”

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