Review – There is No Game: Wrong Dimension by Draw Me A Pixel

Review – There is No Game: Wrong Dimension by Draw Me A Pixel

Price: $12.99

Purchase: Find all options on Draw Me A Pixel’s website

Disclaimer: we purchased the game with our own money, this review is not sponsored. All thoughts are our own.

The Product:

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension is a point-and-click adventure style game.  Wait…sorry.  Apparently this is not a game.  We’ve been told that there should have been a game, but due to budget constraints and some other nonsense, There is No Game: Wrong Dimension is nothing beyond a name on an empty program.  It is “definitely” not a puzzle solving romp through parodies of a wide variety of gaming genres.  One “totally” shouldn’t expect to combine their observational and deductive skills to solve numerous unique puzzles. It really is a shame because if there was a game here, we bet it would be a comedic adventure that asks players to push the limits of their own expectations and to not be afraid to break a few rules.

We imagine that the developers would have liked to offer There is No Game: Wrong Dimension on a plethora of platforms, allowing us to play the Nintendo Switch Version which came out in April of 2021.  

Our “No” Thoughts

As we have established, there is “definitely” no game to review this week.  However, we’re going to use our imaginations and proceed as if there was a game to review.  

If there is any part of you that enjoys being a rule breaker or using tools for purposes they weren’t originally intended for, There is No Game: Wrong Dimension will really sit well with you.  There’s a lot of fun to be had exploring your available resources and figuring out how they can be mashed together in a way that advances the experience.  

The puzzles of There is No Game: Wrong Dimension range in difficulty, but they tend to hit the sweet spot in terms of story.  The easy puzzles are usually quick and help to advance the story or come with jokes to make them feel more worthwhile.  The harder puzzles never feel impossible, but they should leave players with a sense of satisfaction once they are completed.  The game has a hint button to help when players get stuck, but we never actually used it.  We probably spent way too long mulling over some puzzles, but we were eventually able to figure them out through either enough thought or some trial and error.  There is a sort of narrator/game master (for lack of a better label) that will accompany you throughout your experience, so he will also sometimes try to point you in the right direction when needed.

The story begins pretty simple and barebones, allowing players to get used to the mechanics and premise of the game. Through a well-paced build up, the game gets very meta, looking at other genres of games and the idea of what makes a game.  Some positive and negative tropes of different genres are explored, but thankfully it is done in a way that doesn’t just repeat those negative aspects of those games which would have made this game more frustrating.  By the end, there is a lot more meat to the narrative and it really takes center stage.  Depending on how invested in the story you are, that can be viewed as good or bad.  Overall, we enjoyed the story, but part of us missed the more simple exploration/puzzle your way through the randomness feel of the early game.  

If There is No Game: Wrong Dimension existed as an actual game, we would definitely recommend it to gamers and puzzlers.  If they ever follow it up with a sequel we would be onboard to see what further wackiness the designers could come up with.  For that reason alone, you should go purchase There is No Game: Wrong Dimension.  Maybe with enough support, they’ll finally be able to finish their project (*wink, *wink).

Official C&C Rating:

Narrative: 4/5

Puzzles: 5/5

Overall Fun: 4/5 

Final Averaged Rating: 4.3/5

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