Destination Disney

Confetti here!

Walt Disney World claims to be the place on Earth.  While that’s probably not 100% accurate, you’re not going to hear much argument from me.  My family has been going to Disney World my entire life and I rarely go more than a year without a visit (stupid pandemic).  My dad is a big Disney fanatic and he has passed that appreciation down to his kids.

Since meeting Chaos, I’ve had the joy of visiting numerous new-to-me Disney Parks: DisneyLand, Tokyo DisneyLand, and Disney Sea.  I should have been able to go to DisneyLand Paris, but sadly, plans didn’t turn out for that one (stupid, stupid pandemic).  Despite getting to visit other parks, Walt Disney World in Orland, Florida, will always be my favorite.  The four parks that make up the resort each hold special memories for me.

In fact, Chaos and I got married in Walt Disney World!  A Disney wedding has been a dream of mine for a long time and he was kind enough to let me turn that dream into a reality (Chaos Note: Was happy to marry Confetti anywhere).

Our trips to Disney have become a little more spaced out (stupid, stupid, stupid pandemic) but I’m happy to say we’ll get to return to a place I consider a home away from home over Labor Day Weekend.

As we prep and pack for Disney, I wanted to share with you some of the things we’re most looking forward to this weekend.  

Without any further ado, here is our Destination Disney Dream To-Do List:

1. Share the Magic with the Littlest Member of our Family:

Chaos and I love Disney (and it’s not just because of my dad).  Even before meeting, we both enjoyed Disney movies, music, events, and products.  Disney World is a celebration of fun, but also a place that brings a lot of those memories and magic to life.  

We haven’t let Yeti (codename for our baby) watch any Disney movies yet, but he’s no stranger to some of the music and a few of his toys come from the Disney brands.  He loves his little stuffed Mickey Mouse, his Spider-Man toys, and his big Pluto.

One day we hope he too finds a place in his heart for some of the things we hold dearly.  Doesn’t every parent hope their kids will like what they like?  Whether Yeti becomes as big a Disney fan as us or not, and even if he won’t remember this trip, we really hope he has fun.

We can’t wait to have him meet characters, hear music, and hop on some rides (shout out to Dumbo!).  I’ll admit, seeing my favorite little guy in one of my favorite places fills me with happiness.  As a baby, I know he can’t fully appreciate the trip, but I hope this still becomes a treasured family memory.

2. Harmony Barber Shop for Yeti’s First Birthday:

Along with just wanting to show Yeti a good time at one of my favorite places, this trip is also to celebrate his first birthday!  To help commemorate this occasion, he’ll be getting his first official hair cut (sorry baby for the time I tried to trim your bangs a bit by myself).  

I’ve always wanted to find an excuse to visit the working Barber Shop on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.  Yeti was born with a good head of heart and it’s only gotten fuller and longer.  He’ll benefit from a trim at Harmony Barber Shop, which features an adorable “My First Haircut” package.  I’m a mix of excited and nervous about cutting his hair, but I think excitement is currently winning out just a tad.  

Chaos can be sensitive about haircuts too, but as he always tells me, hair grows back.  

3. New Rides in Epcot:

We love most rides that Disney has to offer, and we love getting to experience new rides too.  Honestly, one of the best parts of visiting different Disney parks was getting to compare the changes to rides I already know so well.  DisneyLand wins on Space Mountain and Small World, but DisneyWorld had the better Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and line queues in general.  

Whenever a new ride opens, that becomes an immediate top priority for us.  This trip, Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind are our big goals.  Can’t say much about either ride until we actually ride them, but we have high hopes.

4. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

I’ve been to Disney World during Halloween before, but Chaos never has! I can’t wait for him to get to see the Magic Kingdom all decorated for the holiday. My parents are generously babysitting Yeti for the night so that we can go explore and enjoy the party.  Just like I get to share all of Disney with my little baby, I can’t wait to share this aspect with my big baby (j/k). 

5. Trying a New to Us Restaurant

One of my favorite things to do in Disney World is try new restaurants – I always try to make sure we go to one or two new places each trip. This trip, we’ll be visiting Hollywood & Vine for Minnie’s Halloween Dine. We’re excited for Yeti to see the characters and Chaos and I both love Halloween. Yeti does have a severe egg allergy, so I’m a little nervous about restaurants – but Disney has the best allergy protocols I know of, so hopefully all will be well! 

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