Lego: Brick Fest Live

It’s no secret that the Chaos and Confetti household is big on Lego.  We buy it.  We build it.  We gift it.  Our office space is full of Marvel and Disney Lego sets, with a few other Lego set fandoms sprinkled in: Horizon Forbidden West, Christmas, Mario, etc.

Being Lego fans, we were super excited to hear that Brick Fest Live would be rolling through town.  Brick Fest Live is a celebration of Lego and Lego fandom.  It’s a traveling exhibit and family event that promises to inspire, educate, and entertain.

There is plenty to discuss about the event, but we decided to view it through its three promised attributes.


Brick Fest Live has so many impressive Lego sculpts that one would find it hard not to be inspired by them.  From pop culture builds to life-sized sculptures representing different cultures, there’s a love to enjoy.  Everywhere you look, there is creativity abounding.

It’s easy to limit how you think about Lego, but Brick Fest Live does a good job of reminding attendees that there are a plethora of ways to use Lego.  Those uses range from traditional builds and sculptures to murals to race cars to coloring utensils and more.   

The themed build areas (Minecraft, white, glow in the dark) might seem limiting, but it’s neat to see what people can do within a theme.  Also, seeing the many different takes on a theme all placed together in a single area highlights how awesome different takes and ideas can each be.

Of course, there is also plenty of Lego merchandise for sale which should inspire plenty of sales.

Educate (Engage):

We’ll leave the actual educational value and merits of Lego building up to you, but there was no shortage of possible engagement at Brick Fest Live.

A lot of the engagement came in the form of community builds.  Taking up a large chunk of the central area was a giant DC vs. Marvel mural.  Attendees could build a small square’s worth Lego that would then be added to the in progress mural.  By itself the piece might not seem like much, but it was awesome to see them coming together to create such an incredible work of art.  With so many participants too, it was cool to see how quickly the mural was coming together as well.

Following a similar theme, but with a bit more freedom where the different build stations throughout the event.  Graffiti and mosaic walls allowed participants to create something uniquely their own that would come together to create a larger piece of art.  The themed build stations also played a similar role, giving attendees the parameters, but then letting them add to a growing mass of Lego builds.

There were options for those less into building as part of a community space.  In one area, participants could build their own derby cars that could be raced against others.  Another space had building and coloring happening simultaneously.  For those who ever wondered what it would be like to hangout in a pit (giant kiddie pool) of Lego, that’s an option too.  

Those who opt for the VIP ticket will get to complete a build of the Brick Fest Live robot mascot.

Brick Fest Live offers plenty of choices for attendees looking for engagement.


Your entertainment value may vary depending on how much you enjoy playing with Lego.  Though hopefully you’re not dropping money to go to a Lego event if you’re not at least somewhat into Lego.

While there is plenty for everyone, this experience is super kid friendly and should give them plenty to sink their teeth into.  As we already stated: building, color, pictures, and more should keep the little ones entertained.

The event also has some extra entertainment, which varies from location to location.  At our event, there were several photo stations, some cosplayers, and a couple cast members from previous seasons of Lego Masters.

Depending on your desire to build, this may not be an all day event, but Brick Fest Live should provide several entertaining hours to you and your family.

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