2023 Clash of Chaos and Confetti #1: Marvel: Remix

A New Year of Clashes!!

Every other week Chaos and Confetti will face off in a best of three series, playing a different board game from their collection.  The winner will claim the moniker of C&C Clash Champion for the week.  The loser will endure a super stomping.  The lesser player will also get to choose the game for the next Clash.

We will maintain a record of wins and losses throughout the year to see who finishes 2023 as the ultimate board game champ in our household.

The records are reset to zero and everything starts afresh for the new year, but for those curious, this is how the previous year ended:

  • Weekly Winner: 24 Chaos – 26 Confetti
  • Individual game wins: 73 Chaos – 66 Confetti – 1 Draw

Confetti had the most weekly wins but Chaos walked away with not only the higher number of individual game wins, but also finished the year with a victory, thus making him the final champion of 2022.

Let’s check out this week’s game!

The Game – Marvel: Remix

Marvel: Remix is based on the Fantasy Realms game system.  Players strive to create a seven card hand of cards which will score them the most points.  This will take careful consideration of each card’s abilities and values.

To set up the game, will create two draw decks, shuffling the remix and villain decks separately.  Space should be left for a discard area (enough room for ten cards). Then, all players will start with a seven card hand made up of six remix cards and one villain card.  

On their turn, a player may draw one card from the remix deck, villain deck, or face up discard pile (if there is one).  After they draw, the player will discard one card from their hand into the faceup communal discard pile.  This hopefully helps shape a player’s hand into what they want, but may also provide more options and help for other players as well.

Players will take turns drawing and discarding up there are ten cards in the discard pile.  At that point, the game immediately ends and final points are tallied.

Points will be based on the cards in a player’s hand.  Each card has a base number of points, tags (affiliations), and a type.  Some cards will also have additional text that react and possibly synergize with other types of cards.  Players will want to build their hands so cards react to one another in a way that will eventually earn them the most points.  The only restrictions players have is that they can only have seven cards at the end of a turn and they must have at least one villain and one hero or ally at the end of the game.  If a player fails to have the required cards types (at least 1 villain and 1 hero/ally) their entire hand is worth zero.

This is a game of trying to maximize your hand off of available cards, while avoiding giving too much to other players.  The game can end at any moment, so often it’s about making the most of the now then crafting the ideal hand.

Chaos’ Pre-Clash Thoughts:

2023 is going to be my year when it comes to clashes.  Overall, 2022 went pretty well but I hit a rough spot during the Summer that I couldn’t quite come back from fully.  Hopefully we can start the year off on the right note.  For some reason, Marvel themed games never go my way in these Clashes, so this might not be the best game to start with, but hopefully I can break the curse.  

Confetti’s Pre-Clash Thoughts:

Excited to be going into this year as the overall C & C Clash Champion. Hopefully I can improve my record while hanging on to my title for the year. 

Game 1 –

This was both Chaos and Confetti’s first time playing Marvel: Remix, so they both had to go in a bit blind to what made a strong hand.  Obviously they could sense synergy amongst cards, but they were both unsure what actually counted as a large point value within the context of this game.

Chaos originally saw some potential for building around range and flight.  After Confetti dropped X-Jet and later skyscraper into the discard pile, he decided to lean into flight, which even helped make Sauron, his villain not so bad.  Hulk and Berserk rounded out his hand.

Confetti, on the other hand, found herself leaning into mutants. Like Chaos, she allowed her villain to push the direction of her hand.  Her hand make up allowed Sentinels to gain her points, the Phoenix to arise, and Krakoa to grab points.  Black Panther didn’t quite fit her hand makeup, but he’s still always nice to have around.

The interesting thing about a two player game is that the discard pile sees a lot less change as the game progresses.  That meant Chaos and Confetti both really had to make the most of what was available.

In the end, Chaos’ hand showed a bit more strength and he took home the first win.

Game 1 Winner: Chaos

Game 1 Score: 74 Chaos – 62 Confetti

Game 2 –

Confetti began the second game, but both players went in feeling like they had a greater understanding of Remix and what it had to offer.  Unfortunately, the game decided it didn’t want to be quite as cooperative this time.

With only two players, the discard pile sees a little less turn over and drawing from the decks rushes the game towards its conclusion.  It’s a tricky balance.  Should someone end the game with a hand that is good enough or is it better to hold out for better.  If you’re not drawing from the deck, then your opponent might just do it anyway.  

Confetti’s villain ended up being blanked, which ended up being a dead card, but at least it didn’t hurt her.  Meanwhile, Chaos could never find a second Asgardian card to cancel out Hela’s negative effect.  That meant Hela heartlessly stole two points from Chaos. 

While the two players were able to get a few cards working, neither was able to have a consistent hand that worked as a total until.  The game ended with both fearing the worst about their score.  When final points were totalled, both players’ scores took a big drop, but Confetti’s fell to the higher level, earning her a win.

Game 2 Winner: Confetti

Game 2 Score: 46 Chaos – 59 Confetti

Game 3 –

The final game saw both players hitting a good stride as they confidently built decks that felt like they could be high scorers.  

Chaos built his hand around mutants.  Krakoa promised to deliver big from his mutants and thanks to Xavier’s Mansion, that number would only get bigger.  He also took the challenge of Kang, who Confetti dropped earlier, and was able to turn him into a positive twenty points.  Calculating the points in his head, Chaos felt a score in the 80s would get the job done.

Confetti’s strategy was a bit more diverse, but a lot of her plan revolved around getting Madripoor to pay off, which it did with thirty-two points.  Factory and Kingpin also proved to be solid hitters.  Confetti admits that she never does the math while playing, and instead goes with what looks like it will turn out well.  

Chaos’ belief that a score in the 80s would be enough was correct… for Confetti.  A few of her cards ended up just edging out Chaos’ and giving her the slight lead she needed to take home the first championship win of 2023.

Game 3 Winner: Confetti

Game 3 Score: 82 Chaos – 88 Confetti

Your Winner and NEW C&C Clash Champion: Confetti!

Chaos’ Post-Clash Thoughts:

The curse remains intact.  Stupid, sexy Marvel.  I’m pretty sure Confetti got lucky.  Confetti is a sore loser anyways, so hopefully beginning the year with a win will put her in a good mood. 

Confetti’s Post-Clash Thoughts:

I am the champion!! Woo! I love beating Chaos at his open game.

New Standings:

Post-Clash Standings:

  • Weekly Winner: 0 Chaos – 1 Confetti
  • Individual game wins: 1 Chaos – 2 Confetti 

Next Clash: Splendor Duel

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