Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure by Argyx Games

ReviewLegacy: Quest for a Family Treasure by Argyx Games

Website Linkhttps://www.argyxgames.com/?lang=en 

Price – ​​​€48.00 or ~ $50.00


In Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure, players are sent their estranged father’s last will and testimony.  He has devised a series of puzzles that will lead to the family’s hidden fortune, buried somewhere in Europe.  It’s an adventure meant to bring the family together while also teaching them about their shared past.  

Legacy is broken into two parts, Eiffel 1889 and Hellas.  Both sections have players looking for a string of answers that can only be solved using a mix of physical and digital components.  As players discover answers, they will insert them online to continue progressing through the story.  

They will start with all papers and physical components, but some virtual ones will need to be discovered.  All aspects in the game are presented in both English and French.  

The game is advertised for 1-5 players, ages 14+.  The game is labeled as taking about four hours.  As a duo, we completed the game in a little over three hours.  

Our Thoughts:

Upon opening the box, players will immediately notice the quality of Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure and its components.  The presentation is well designed and implemented.  Clearly a lot of work went into crafting the paper documents and curating the physical pieces.  Also, despite needing to put two languages (English and French) on every component that contains language, the words are never confusing or crowded.  This comes off as a very well-designed and professionally done product.

The narrative of the game is intriguing and despite the family history being fictional with no true consequence to players, they are still sure to learn a bit of real-world history and have fun along the way.  The game does a good job crafting the puzzles around the narrative and having players look for answers in the form of family history or family related information.  

Legacy’s cluing is top notch in terms of signaling to players what they should be looking for and what components they should be using.  Each section’s starting letter outlines the answers players are seeking and introduces the iconography tied to each stage of the adventure.  This makes the challenge less about figuring out what components to use and more about the actual puzzles.

The puzzles themselves provide a decent level of challenge.  They are a good mix of difficulty, so that players can build some momentum at times and at other times work their brains through processes and answers.  This game isn’t a cake walk, but it should feel pretty doable.    

There is an easily accessible progressive hint system online that should be able to help players if they ever feel stuck or require extra guidance.  Unfortunately, all players will probably need this system at some point because there are two spots that no longer seem to work as they were originally intended.  In the first section, a phone number no longer seems operational, and in the second section, an email does not send an automated response.  Thankfully, the hint system contains the information and links players would have received, but it still is frustrating to at first not be sure whether you’ve messed something up and then to have to step out of the game’s world in order to look things up.

Overall, we enjoyed Legacy: Quest for a Family Treasure.  It’s a well designed and presented game that should be fun for players of all skill levels.  The two sections also provide some flexibility on whether players will tackle this game in one or two sittings.  There are a few issues with the upkeep of a couple of the non-physical elements, but they are not game breakers.  We would recommend this game to those who are looking for a fun and good-looking game, who also don’t mind a few rough edges.

Official C&C Rating:

Narrative: 4/5 stars

Puzzles: 4/5 stars

Overall Fun: 3/5 stars

Total Averaged Rating: 3.6/5 Stars

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