Clash of Chaos and Confetti 12: Cat Lady

The Premise and Standings

Each week we’ll face off in a best of three series playing a different board game from our collection.  The winner claims the moniker of C&C Clash Champ for the week.  The loser can spit up a furball.  The lesser player also gets to choose the game for the next week.

We will maintain a record of wins and losses throughout the year to see who finishes 2022 as the ultimate board game champ in our household.

Our current C&C Champion is Chaos after winning last week’s Here to Slay Slamboree.

Pre-Clash Current Standings:

  • Weekly Winner: 6 Chaos – 5 Confetti
  • Individual game wins:  17 Chaos – 15 Confetti

After losing last week, Confetti has chosen Cat Lady

The Game – Cat Lady

Cat Lady is a quick paced card collecting game, where players will take on the roles of cat ladies.  Their mission is to gather as many cats as possible while making sure they have everything it might take to keep their cats happy.

Players will take turns collecting a row or column of three cards.  Their only limitations are that they can’t collect diagonally and they can’t choose the row or column that the other player set the cat meeple facing.  Don’t worry, each player gets to move the cat meeple at the end of their turn.

There are several different card types to collect.  Of course, players want to collect a multitude of cats, but they will also need to collect enough food (milk, chicken, and tuna) to feed their cats before the end of the game.  Unhappy cats don’t help your score; they only hurt it.  

There are also a number of other items that players can collect to help them build their cat-loving empire.  Collect enough catnip, cat costumes, and toys and watch the benefits roll in during final scoring.  The spray bottle can help deal with the pesky cat meeple.  Finally, lost cat cards give players access to special stray cats who grant their own unique bonuses.

Who can claim the title of ultimate cat lady, and who is more likely to choke on their own fur ball? 

Chaos’ Pre-Clash Thoughts

Being the C&C Clash Champion is the cat’s pajamas!  I congratulate Confetti on her pick this week because at least she’ll have something cute to look at while I beat her once again.  My time is meow and I’m unstoppable!

Confetti’s Pre-Clash Thoughts

I love Cat Lady. Collecting cats, feeding them, getting them costumes and toys – it’s the cutest game ever. I’m not sure Chaos will be able to handle this level of cuteness, so I’m confident that I’ll be regaining my championship this week. 

Game 1 –

Game one saw a lot of catnip hitting the table early, which Chaos quickly started scooping up, knowing its final scoring potential.  In fact, he really honed in on endgame points, grabbing as many cat toys and costumes as he could.  Cats and food came with those acquisitions, but his true aim was clear.

Confetti on the other hand, focused more on cats and food.  She did a great job of excellently getting exactly the food she needed for the cats she had.  Cats are demanding beasts though and they want more than just their bare necessities met.  In the end, Confetti’s fed-cat points were intimidating, but she didn’t garner enough endgame bonuses to topple Chaos.

Final score: Chaos 59 – Confetti 48

Game 2 –

Our second round saw a much more competitive fight for all resources.  Neither player wanted to miss out on points-boosting items, as they grabbed those and a plethora of cats to dose food and love.  The blocking done with the cat meeple became a lot more cut throat.  The big deciding factor of the game was the catnip.  Confetti got a hold of four bags, while Chaos only had two (one was really a cat acting as catnip).  Chaos got one extra point per fed cat, Confetti was rewarded with two.

Final score: Chaos 45 – Confetti 57

Game 3 –

The final bout’s card draw created an interesting dynamic.  For the first half of the game, no matter what he tried, Chaos couldn’t avoid picking up high-food-cost cats, while he also couldn’t pick up much food.  Meanwhile, the cards kept coming out in a way that showered Confetti with opportunities to get food and she kept taking them.  Confetti relied on the idea that she would eventually pick up cats to actually feed.  Chaos started to stress that he would have a bunch of hungry cats tearing away at his score.  

By the end of the game, Chaos was able to scrape together enough food to satisfy his cats, but he had to focus so much on food that he had to sacrifice opportunities for endgame points.  Confetti meanwhile had enough food that she was free to go for whatever cats and potential bonuses that pleased her.  

The card distribution was a bit wonky this time, but cats are known to do as they please.

Final Score: Chaos 43 – Confetti 48

Your winner and NEW C&C Clash Champion: Confetti

Chaos’ Post-Clash Thoughts:

I wasn’t going to say anything before, but it was a little unfair of Confetti to pick Cat Lady.  She knows I have a minor cat allergy and it clearly impacted my playing ability.  I would never take advantage of her allergies and make her play a game like… Strawberries and Bananas!  (Note to self: create the game Strawberries and Bananas).  It’s a shame that the C&C Clash Championship is now claimed by such a low-down, dirty scoundrel.  I will now make it my quest to return the prestigious title to the hands of an honor champion, myself.

Confetti’s Post-Clash Thoughts:

Winning is one of my favorite things and it’s not a surprise that I managed to beat Chaos in Cat Lady, since cats definitely prefer me. I’m looking forward to a successful title defense next week. 

Next Week: 
Chaos and Confetti will go at it in Gizmos, an engine builder.  Can Chaos invent a way to gain back his title?  Will Confetti begin building a winning streak?  Find out next Thursday, who has the blueprint for success and whose plans are destined to go up in smoke! 

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